Are you a professional or amateur photographer that is on a budget? Here we list the top 4 camera lenses which have affordable pricing under $250 dollars. All of these lenses work for crop sensor and full frame cameras.


50mm f/1.8 lens at $125 for Canon

The nifty 50 with f/1.8 is a wonderful lens for capturing many types of photography including portrait photography, street photography and product photography. This lens provides a great bokeh effect (blurry background) due to the maximum aperture being f/1.8.

If you have an average crop sensor of 1.6x this lens will turn into an 80mm. However it is still great for this use. Do not use this as your sole lens if you are shooting wedding photography on a crop sensor camera because it becomes a short telephoto lens, making it difficult for you to take photos too close to your multiple subjects at the weddin .


10-18mm f/4.5-5.6 lens at $249 for Canon

This lens is a great affordable and reliable wide-angle lens option for photographers looking to shoot landscapes, architectural photography, interior photography, or the sea of stars.

On an average 1.6x crop sensor this lens turns into a 16-29mm which is stellar for Real Estate photography. This wide-angle lens is great for capturing tight spaces.

Here at Real Media Ninja we use this lens to capture high quality interior photos of properties in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica and surrounding areas.


75-300mm f/4-5.6 lens at $199 for Canon

This is an affordable and useful telephoto lens for capturing wildlife photography or other types of photography where a lens with zoom capabilities in required.

On an average crop sensor of 1.6x this lens turns into a 120 – 480mm lens giving it even more zoom power. Woohoo! Crop sensors for the win!


24mm f/2.8 lens at $99 for Canon

Don’t let this price fool you. This lens is is great for documentary photography and event photography. It has a low f-stop for capturing low light situations as well.

On an average crop sensor of 1.6x this lens turns into a 38mm lens which is still great for the use.



Have any more budget friendly lenses in mind? Share with us in the comments! We’d love to hear about what you think.

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