We are professional real estate and interior photographers which shoot in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica and other areas in the country. Here we share our tips to follow while doing your real estate photography shoot.



Check your shot list as you go

Seems like a simple tip, but important not to overlook. This will be used when you go through your photos at the end of the shoot to make sure you don’t walk out missing one of the requested shots.


Use a wide angle lens

It is very important to use a wide-angle lens because unlike a standard lens such as the 18-55mm, this lens captures much more of the space in front of you. If you have a full frame camera, use a lens at 17mm or below. If you have a crop sensor camera such as the Canon Rebel T6i, which we highly recommend for Real Estate Photography, use a 10-18mm lens. This is the most affordable Real Estate photography lens and it is extremely reliable. On an average 1.6x crop sensor the lens turns into a 16-28mm lens. See the image below for an example of images taken with a wide-angle lens vs a standard lens.

real estate wide angle lens costa rica

Shoot from angles which show as much of the room as possible 

With the wide-angle lens of yours you will be able to do this, so take advantage of it. Unless you are shooting for a furniture catalog, you don’t want close ups of the couch for example rather than a photo of the entire living room.


Capture different exposure shots of areas with windows or views

This is important because you do not want to send photos to a client with a well lit room but with overexposed windows. This look unprofessional. What you can do is take at least one overexposed photo, one regularly exposed photo, and one underexposed photo to show the details of the view. On canon cameras and most other cameras you can go to settings and select AEB (auto exposure bracketing) to do this. You need to make sure you have your camera set to take the photos seconds after clicking the shutter first. Then in Photoshop you will select the HDR function to merge the photos into one.


Keep vertical lines straight

This is important because it will make the images appear more professional. A tip to do this is to have your tripod set to medium height, and shoot straight and what is in front of it rather than pointing up or down unless adjusting it this way makes the vertical lines appear straight. If you do not achieve this, don’t worry. In Camera Raw in photoshop you can select the transform button on the top of the screen and then select the option to straighten vertical lights.


Use a tripod

A tripod is extremely important when shooting real estate or interior photography because you need to be able to take the multiple exposure photos for HDR, keep the vertical lines straight, and prevent shaky images from hand shake.

Organize the space

What we always do is ask the client if they are fine with us capturing the photos of the space as it is when we arrive. We also message them beforehand to remind them to make the space look like how they want the world to see it. Then once we get there we will do any extra organization needed to create the high quality professional images, which can include removing items from the area you are shooting which do not belong in the photo.


Shoot at the lowest ISO possible, a suitable shutter speed, and 7-11 f/stop

In order to create properly sharpened images, you will need to shoot at a high f/stop. Shoot at the lowest ISO so you can to prevent grainy images. Since you will be using a tripod, you can adjust the shutter speed as you like to get the right amount of light into your sensor.


Always do a post shoot check

Before call it finished look through your photos and make sure you have every photo needed from the shot list, and that they are in focus. It would be very bad to leave the shoot and check the photos to see you missed any.



Feel like we missed something? Leave your input in the comments. We’d love to hear from you!

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