The 10th year of Envision festival is coming up soon, on February 14th-24th. In order to celebrate we want to share some beautiful moments captured by one of our Events Ninjas, Laura Gonzalez, from last years Envision showing the different aspects of the Envision experience and why this festival is so unique.


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Grace Devalk playing with poi during Envision sunset
Butterfly girl, Annalise DiSalvo, member of the Momentom Collective group flying around Envision festival
Hands up in the air during Too Many Zoos performance at the massive Sol Stage
Mother carrying her child on her shoulders during Envision at Playa Hermosa shortly after sunset
Fire performer Moose swallowing fire during Clozee set at Luna Stage
Skydiver entering Envision in style!
Kids playing on bamboo structure in Village grounds
Clair Lathrop flowing with her LED wand. She was not a performer, merely a festival goer feeling the energy of free self expression and participating in that feeling, which Envision is home to.
Moment captured from a good vibes Sunset session with festival goers
Photo taken in the fire pit next to Luna Stage.
View from Luna Stage during Chamberlain performance
Tribal fusion belly dance group, Marabyliane, performing on Luna Stage.
Fire dancer Nino’s son staring at the fire in his hands in awe. This is the first time he played with fire!
Costa Rican police riding peacefully through Playa Hermosa, Uvita during Envision
Love vibes during Envision sunset
Melissa Louise doing a sex and empowerment talk in the red tent
Festival goer modeling during Envision while wearing Bambuddha sunglasses and the Om and Love sacral chakra bracelet
Artist Javi showing his artwork to festival goers during his creation process
Drew LaPlante moving the crowds with his positive energy and good vibes in Village Stage
Speaker Cristina Kaylani playing the flute in the Envision Village grounds
Ashae Sundara, sex and feminine empowerment coach, modeling the Om and Love solar plexus chakra bracelet
Griz performing on Sol Stage
Festival goer modeling during Envision while wearing the Om and Love root chakra bracelet.
Sound healer Serina Asia sharing her beautiful voice during Envision tea party

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