The night before your Real Estate photography shoot you should take time to make sure you are prepared. Here we have a checklist to go through so that you can walk into your shoot tomorrow feeling confident! Click here if you would like more specific tips on actually shooting Real Estate photography. We are professional Real Estate photographers which shoot in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica and other areas in the country.


Real Estate Photography Shoot Preparation Checklist


At least 2 fully charged batteries

Even if you have a defined time, say 2 hours, for a Real Estate shoot, you never know if you end up staying a bit overtime. So be prepared.


2 memory cards with with enough space

You do not want to be at a Real Estate shoot taking time from the day’s ideal golden morning light to delete photos on your SD cards.


Bring a Tripod

A tripod is critical to shooting Real Estate photography. The number 1 reason is that you will need to capture differing exposures using a count down setting. This is so that you can merge the photos using the HDR function in Photoshop later. It is necessary to do this for areas which have windows or views.


Bring any lighting equipment you will be using

Whether you are bringing an external flash, or the famous Aputure 300d, keep it with the rest of your stuff which you are bringing to the shoot so that tomorrow you will see it and grab it. If you do not have lighting equipment than don’t fret. Just make sure you shoot during good lighting and weather conditions. Research when morning golden hour is in the location of your shoot.


Bring a wide angle lens

A wide angle lens is the most suitable lens to shoot Real Estate photography. To learn more about wide angle lenses, which lens you should get, and why they are important, click here.


Make sure your camera settings are set to RAW format

We put this tip here in case for some reason you had your settings set to JPEG. Mal idea. You definitely want to shoot RAW.



Feel like we missed something? Let us know! Comment below.

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